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Why Colonial Risk Management?

The goal of Colonial Risk Management, Inc. is to provide Safety and Risk Management consulting services to clients who have a need to improve their safety programs, reduce insurance expenses and control claims costs. There are times that the insurance companies do not provide the level of service that many organizations need, yet these companies do not need a (or another) full time person on staff. Many times it is more cost effective to have an outside entity handle these issues for each company on an as needed basis rather than incur the expenses of a full time salary, benefits, travel and transportation.


At Colonial Risk Management, Inc. our main priority is to help you reduce your risks and therefore save you money. Our services include program development, implementation, training, documentation and claims follow up. (Please see the following pages for a more comprehensive list.) We believe the services that we offer are essential for a complete risk management and safety program. Our goal is to provide our clients with a level of service that cannot be obtained elsewhere. We are committed to helping our clients achieve the goals of a safer and healthier workplace, compliance with governmental regulations and reducing insurance premiums and claims / legal costs. We at Colonial Risk Management, Inc. are committed to these goals and of becoming the premier provider of Safety and Risk Management consulting services.

List of Services


  • Thorough review of existing safety program(s)
  • Accident analysis of all past claims (provided information is made available)
  • Develop and implement customized safety and health programs specific to the hazards of the organization and /or site, including those required by OSHA, EPA, DOT or the State
  • Review of all safety programs with existing employees
  • Property and Life Safety Code evaluations to reduce the possibility of fire loss
  • Provide customized safety training to all management, supervision and employees in the office and at the jobsite (please see attached list for topics.)
  • Maintain appropriate documentation of all training provided
  • Complete jobsite training
  • Safety inspections of all facilities and jobsites
  • Documentation of all inspections including recommendations designed to address deficiencies noted: Reports can include any necessary photographs.
  • Develop and implement a safety incentive program designed specifically to work in client's
    organizational environment
  • Ergonomic evaluation of facility w/appropriate recommendations
  • Be present and lead walk-through for all OSHA / State Safety inspections
  • Provide follow up communication with OSHA / State Safety
  • Attend any OSHA / State Safety hearing(s) on client behalf
  • Train all management on how to handle an OSHA visit
  • Act as safety liaison between general contractor and client and/or client and sub contractor
  • Compliance with the State Division of Safety's certified safety program:
    This entitles clients to a 2% discount on their workers' compensation premium.

Risk Management

  • Thorough review of entire operation including all services provided and products produced
  • A risk review of all potential areas for loss (liabilities) including legal action and physical
  • Recommendations on how to reduce risk and liability and the losses that could result
  • Review of workers' compensation policy to assure appropriate rates are being charged and to determine if other options are available that can reduce premium paid.

Hiring and Screening

  • A review of current hiring and screening procedures
  • Customize and supply all necessary forms for new employees
  • Train all management and supervisors on compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Assure all hiring and screening procedures/questions are in compliance with ADA
  • Implementation of a customized certified Drug Free Workplace program to include all
    necessary paperwork: This entitles client to 5% discount on workers' compensation premium.
  • Provide all required Drug Free Workplace training and maintain all documentation
  • Ergonomic job descriptions in compliance with ADA

Environmental and Industrial Hygiene

A full range of Environmental and Industrial Hygiene services are available. These range from indoor air sampling and personal monitoring to hazardous material spill response and remediation. We will be happy to discuss these services with you in further detail.

To learn what Colonial Risk Management can do for you, contact us today.

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